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Hello I’m Stephanie. I have a prayer request. February of last year, my Boyfriend Brian had broken up with me after 14 years. Please pray for his salvation and for God to draw him. Pray God will heal me and draw me too.

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Please pray that I may receive the gift card that Spirit 105.3 promised me soon. It would really help with my finances. Please pray I can pay the rest of my bills this month so I don’t get a poor credit rating and mainly to be a responsible Christian.

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Please pray for guidance for me in a difficult decision for me. I need to decide if I can afford the gas to go home at break time (which is about 3 hours) and let my dog out. I can’t afford a dog walker.

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Prayers for more work

Please pray that I can get more work this summer. Also, please pray that the time spent at home could be more productive. I often get depressed and don’t get much done.

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Right home, property God’s will

Please pray for God’s Grace and will for our family to be blessed with right home, property. Nothing is too small or big for God.

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Protection and growth

I have been struggling with a heavy burden for the last several months. This burden is actually what led me to accept Jesus as my Savior. I am asking for protection on this matter and for a positive closure and outcome of this. Also, while I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and working actively on growing my faith life, please pray that my faith gets set on fire.

God Bless. I hope everyone has an amazing day.

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Financial , home stability

I would like to ask prayer for home guidance and financial stability and a job that I like that is good for me that only God knows what I want and I need a roof over my head a stable one when there’s somebody that I really want to have my life for a long time and I pray that you know I get that wish

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Financial insecurity & Lost Career at 42

I am still learning a relationship with the Lord and trust can be a secret hurdle for me. I found God in 2016 at the age of 36. Until then I played His role unknowingly.
I am 42 and without a long term career I enjoy doing. My financial insecurities can stir up and load me with fears. I drive a 20 year old vehicle. My family is of very little support. I am not married and at times I feel so alone in my journey… However God does show up and I am in absolute awe of his miracles. Then I don’t feel so alone. I am hopeful to heal from the depression and sloth I encounter each and everyday to save money and energy for the next day.
I don’t share these struggles much with anyone due to the shame and guilt I feel. Besides it’s a downer subject to discuss with friends who are doing so so well.
I am hopeful to meet my evenly yoked husband. Hopeful for many things in 2023. Please pray over these things & thank you. ❤️

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Please join in my prayers

Lord, reveal the work of God the Father to me, my people (Ha-young, Ye-young, Ui-seop, Jung-won, Hye-ok, Yul-bin, Suzy, Eun-tae, In-sook, Im-hak, Tan-ae), and to all who read it and pray, and let us know that the Father is in the Son Jesus and that Jesus is in the Father. The will of the true God, who knows all our needs, transcends our personal will. And that all of us will clearly see the Glory that God the Father gave to the Son because He loved His Son before the foundation of the world. Let Jesus Christ directly reveal the name of God the Father to us and see His glory. I Pray that all our glory be truly dedicated to your Son, Jesus Christ. And that we all shomer mitzvot regarding his commandments (keep his commandments) without failure. May God make possible what is impossible for man.